Gender Healed World 2050

Achieving Gender Equality in One Generation

The Chrysalis Academy is extremely proud to be a partner of the Global Gender and Equity Reconciliation Conference taking place in New York from 2-7 October 2022.

We are also very humbled that our CEO, Lucille Meyer and Graduate, Tristan Kyle Johannes are co-authors of a new book, entitled Thirty years of Healing the most Ancient wound in the Human family  that will be launched in New York on the 5 October 2022 and at the Chrysalis Academy on the 6 October 2022.  

Over the past 30 years, in hundreds of GERI programs on six continents, tens of thousands of people have ardently envisioned and aspired toward a Gender Healed World. 

In the coming 30 years, it is time for this vision to become the new global reality—to actually create the Gender Healed World that we all know is possible— by the middle of the 21st century. 

We encourage everyone in the various countries where GERI is active, to become part of the community of amazing people.

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