5-Year Aftercare Programme


To ensure the sustainability of our youth development program, our graduates are followed up by the Academy throughout the five years following the initial 3-month residential phase to monitor and assess their progress and identify their needs for intervention and to explore employment, learnership or volunteer opportunities.

The following structures have been put in place to ensure on-going support to graduates of the Academy:

Refresher Courses: These courses are run over a weekend and will be needs based. They take place six months after graduation.

Ongoing tracking of students: Telephonic and email contact is maintained with all graduates for a period of five years. The aim of this form of tracking is to provide employment information, ascertain how graduates are coping and, generally, to play a supportive role.

Information Hub: Here students and graduates have a safe hub to update their CVs, research the various options for further studies or opportunities in the  job market, or simply relax and read one of the many good book on the shelves.

Job Shop: Once set up this will act as an employment agency for ex-graduates, aimed at assisting unemployed graduates with employment opportunities after graduation. This will be mainly run by some of the students.

Social worker/life coach: She does communicative interventions with past students and families. During the Refresher Courses, she offers therapeutic workshops and follows up with the substance abuse/recovery support groups. She also does a number of referrals to external Social Workers to follow up on vulnerable graduates, to provide further support and intervention.

Community Development: during the 3-months’ training, students are encouraged to get involved in community projects and to volunteer their services while they are unemployed. In this manner they create an opportunity to give back to society, as well as contribute to their personal growth as proactive, responsible citizens.

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