About Us

Chrysalis Academy is an initiative of the Western Cape Provincial Cabinet, established in the year 2000 at Porter Estate in the suburb of Tokai. Its foundation was a response by the Provincial Government to the high crime rate in the Western Cape, which is one of the highest among the provinces in South Africa, especially due to substance abuse and an active gang culture in Cape Town’s mainlydisadvantaged communities.

The result is a holistic and sustainable 5-year youth development program based on 3-month empowerment training that focuses on the individual’s physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual development, which is still unique to our knowledge. The Chrysalis Programme is a preventative initiative, as opposed to rehabilitative. It is registered as a NPO (Non Profit Organization) and mainly funded by the Western Cape Provincial Department of Community Safety.

Since the project started 15 years ago over 6,000 youth from the different communities, reflecting the demographics of the Western Cape Province were trained to be empowered for the challenges of life. As a result, the Academy has become one of the most successful youth development organisation in South Africa.

Over the years other provinces have also shown a keen interest in the work of the Academy, so much so, that in 2012 the Chrysalis Academy trained 11 young men from Kwazulu Natal (KZN) to become youth instructors. The KZN province is now running two Academies based on the Chrysalis Academy’s ethos and regimented approach.

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