Message from the CEO

Chrysalis board

CEO, Ms. L. Meyer; Adv.Bawa, Dr Pinnock, MEC Plato, Ms Le Roux and HOD of Community Safety, Dr Lawrence

Urgent and exciting announcement

MEC D. Plato, the Minister for Community Safety in the Western Cape Provincial Government has today appointed 3 new Trustees for the Chrysalis Academy for the next two years.  They are Ms Marlene Le Roux: Director, Artscape who was also appointed Chairperson of the Interim Trust; Dr Don Pinnock, Criminologist, Author and Photographer and Adv Nazreen Bawa an Advocate of the High Court.   They will serve for a period of two years and bring a wealth of experience that will no doubt strengthen the sterling work done by the Chrysalis Academy.


The Chrysalis Academy is a few months away from the end of its first three year’s under the current Management.   The organisation is now mapping the next three years from 2015 – 2018.  Our vision of becoming the leading Academy for youth development in the Republic of South Africa however remains the vision that guides our work.

Our approach to human development remains a holistic one whereby we believe that people are more than their physical bodies.  We must therefore work at the spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and energetic levels in order to access the power within and release that deep-seated inner potential.

Furthermore, our approach to youth development continues to include a regimented and structured approach based on discipline, order and predictability.  A regimented approach ensures that our students acquire discipline and understand the importance of structure and predictability in their working and academic lives.  A regimented approach builds good posture, self-esteemand confidence and enhances the functioning of the immune system.    However, this regimented approach is underpinned by compassion and a deep belief in the immense potential of the human spirit to flourish when provided with the right learning and teaching environment.

Our therapeutic approach will be taken to new heights over the next three years and we are placing a strong emphasis on an evidence-based approach to youth development.  Our post graduate care will be expanded, affording many opportunities to our graduates.  However to encourage a spirit of volunteerism amongst our youth, we will prioritise those Chrysalis Academy graduates who are active in their communities for post graduate learning opportunities and internships.  This, to encourage graduates to remain active and productive citizens and contribute directly in shaping the new democratic and non-racial South Africa.

We are launching a discretionary fund to assist those graduates who seek to study and require some initial support for stationery, computers, or clothes.  The fund will also be used when a worthy candidate enters the Chrysalis Academy three months residential programme, but cannot afford the initial requirements of T shirts, stationery and shoes.  Anyone interested in donating towards this worthy cause, can email the CEO directly at for account details.  Any donation, whether big or small will make an impact. We will acknowledge all donations in quarterly and annual reports.

To all our graduates and their families – we must remember that individual transformation is a lifelong journey of rediscovery which requires perseverance, patience and compassion and we must be sufficiently brave to embark on this journey and navigate the stormy waters that we will all encounter in our lives.

Our appreciation to all our partners for believing in our students and for walking the transformation journey for us.

You can view our Annual Report for 2012/2013 on the website as it provides some good insights into the work that we are doing.

Kind regards

Lucille Meyer (Ms)

Chief Executive Officer