Message from the CEO

We are almost at the end of another successful financial year where we have seen many youth graduate from the Chrysalis Academy with greater confidence, self- esteem and passion.  Over the years, the Academy has shown that it is possible to change one’s life, for the better with commitment, sacrifice and hard work.

Our approach to human development remains a holistic one.  This means that we work with the whole being at a physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual level.  Our therapeutic programme under the stewardship of our Social Worker and Life Coach, Ms Fiona Brophy has grown in leaps and bounds.  With the help of skilled volunteers, we now offer Yoga and Mindfulness,Meditation, Trauma Release Exercise (TRE),Drama, Art, Journaling and various other support groups to support the needs of our students.  The therapeutic programme enables the students to work with themselves at a deeper level.

A new and exciting development is our planned outreach programme to offer some of the therapeutic skills like Mindfulness and Yoga and Tension or Stress Release to communities, non- governmental organisations, government departments and corporates.  I encourage organisations who wish to change the way they work, to contact us for more information on our courses that can be delivered at the Academy or where organisations are located. People need a radically different way of being in the world and skills like Mindfulness and TRE are important foundations for change to help transform the society in which young people are growing up to-day.

We also continue to hire out our facilities to organisations and companies and the income generated goes directly towards youth development at the Academy.  I therefore encourage government departments, companies and other civil society organisations to hire the facilities for their team building events and workshops, and in so doing, contributing directly to the work of the Academy.

Our vision remains that of being the leading Academy for youth development in the Republic of South Africa and we wish to thank all our partners, including the Departments of Community Safety, Social Development, Public Works and Health, as well as many others for their belief in the work that we do.  We must remember that individual transformation is a lifelong journey of rediscovery which requires perseverance, patience and gentleness and we must all be sufficiently brave to embark on this journey with our students and ourselves.

You can view our Annual Report for 2012/2013 on the website as it provides some good insights into the work that we are doing.


Kind regards

Lucille Meyer (Ms)

Chief Executive Officer